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Kidde Carbon Monoxide Detector Err

Chapter III - looking for a job ... and I ate what was below

looking for a job ... and I ate it below

started walking and I was a tourist. He walked up and down looking confused, right and left, center, and inside. Put me another wine. I drink. Another. Another. Asked the cover. They gave me a sheet of Fanta. I did not like the detail, so I went, but not before saying goodbye.

Thanks, bye motherfuckers ... - I told the waiter.
Until then, thank you sir.

suddenly cut short. On the ground, in the middle of the street, he noted, his surroundings, looking around. Could not be. Nobody seemed to be watching. It was impossible to be in the ground and no one had noticed. Hice dos movimientos, rápidos y eléctricos, y me lo metí en la boca. Un chicle de fresa en el suelo, cuando se lo cuente a mis amigos no se lo creen, pensé. Recordé que sólo me hablaban mis padres pero daba igual, se lo podía contar a ellos.

Caminando encontré una pequeña tienda de discos. Entré a preguntar si tenían una referencia.

Hola, ¿qué tal?, oye, ¿teneis una referencia?- pregunté.
Tenemos miles de referencias- respondió gracioso.
Ah, vale gracioso, entonces teneis una referencia... -afirmé.
¿ Cómo sabes que me llamo gracioso?

Tras unos momentos de silencio y confusión continué con my office.

Do you know which disk is one that says "I am the kiss that is given without being able to comment, I'm that name ever given you, I am forbidden"
Who sings that? "Asked ignorant.
Bambino, my son. The song is "I am forbidden." From the album The force of destiny. It was just to see if still not know.
How much today?
Same thing yesterday, spent seven years asking price on the same disk ... "He snapped.
And you take seven years without knowing the song title. How much, Rayman? - Asked the boy in the box. I Rayman call him because they know prices, or so he says.
nineteen ninety five pesetas, Globule. VAT inclusive.
When you get out of a thousand pesetas will buy it. I'll keep waiting ... Bastards tomorrow! - I cordially
bye bye, thank you sir.

I returned to the street and turned to look like a lost tourist, bumping into more people who could do it wanting. I decided to experiment and start looking for shocks and intentionally tripping. Suddenly collided with a bystander, I fell to the ground
head, just above some trips would someone had thrown just two minutes (I knew the time accurate temperature expulsion thereof).
A man shouting into a corner, I stood beside him and asked him what was wrong. I did it this way:

- What happens?

He did not answer but continued to scream.

- What happens?

Given the immense grief that came from that man turned around and went to a sandwich shop that was right up front. I bought a tuna sandwich with Nutella. When I came back to the street watched stunned that the man of immense grief had moved from his place and I saw him getting on a nearby street. I would also like to get involved but I have no cocaine, I thought. I crossed the road between a street in the other a break and I stood behind him. The man walked away faster and faster, so it was difficult
follow, so I started running after him with tuna and Nutella sandwich in his right hand. I quickly caught up and, shrugging his shoulders and bowing his head, I charged him from behind. The man of immense grief was still crying, now on the ground, and looked at me amazed at the tackle had been completed. I went on my way, while giving the first bite of my tuna sandwich with Nutella.

I finally reached the place of the interview. It was 12 pm. Called on telephone.

- Yes?
- Yes, that is.

opened the door and started up the stairs. Every ten steps retreated twelve, due to falls. Falls on stairs are always downhill, unlike the fall in space that are uphill. My father said that the slopes were so named because it was hard climb. I initially thought that if it had been for that call costs are rather steep, so I assumed that the costs are so called because they are expensive and the slopes because it costs upload (or does not cost them down).
At last I reached the ground floor, where I had my interview, I knocked on the door b, where he my interview, I asked John, with whom I had my interview. I attended a lady in her underwear I explained how, from nine in the evening, the business changed ownership and was transformed into a brothel. I asked for work, sending shit John. The girl told me he was going to give more work than they could do but he asked me to deliver him away. After spending over forty minutes with a stick, I got left clean ears. She thanked me. I kept the stick of memory. Well, now was not a stick, was a giant cotton these children eat in the park. Gift it to the first child I see down the street. Died there.

I came home after four in the morning and I found a note on my desk: Do
I go to games and I find another note: "Blood Cell, I have called the work, the interview is tomorrow at eight o'clock." Signed: Mom blood.
If not for my mother what would happen to me. I wondered why I have called the phone to tell me that canceling the appointment. I took the phone from his pocket. I had not put his hand in this pocket. Mobile appeared next to the Treaty of Versailles manuscript and hard for years invested in stock market and has become two hundred thousand. In the mobile fifty-seven I have missed calls. I decided to go to sleep, and that within a few hours would have to get up to head back to the job interview, hoping for better luck this time.


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